Thursday, November 27, 2014

Best Investment Newsletters

This Blog Contains Information On A Wide Array Of Investment Newsletters. Theirs Something Here For Everyone Im Sure. We Will Attempt To Identify Those Newsletters That Have Performed The Best Over A Long Period Of Time. We Will Also Be Carefull In Are Assessment Of Each And Every Newsletter. All Newsletters Must Have A Great Track Record In Order To Be Included In Our Listings.


                                  Bob Brinker's Market Timer

I really have a lot of respect for this guy. Bob Brinker has had a radio talk show money talk for over twentyfive years. His Newsletter Bob Brinkers Market Timer does not recommend individual stocks only mutual funds. Bobs strategy is get rich slowly over a long period of time. Stay diversified by investing in no load mutual funds that  have low expense ratios. Bobs a big fan of index mutual funds. Bob believes in timing the market his recommendation is usually to stay in  ginnie mae funds until the market bottoms. His market Timer letter has a great track record.Hubert financial  digest ranks his  newsletter at the very top for market timing newsletters. The cost is a  185.00 dollars for a twelve month subscription. But Bob gives great advice.

                                                Prudent Speculator

This Newsletter has a great track record started by al frank. This newsletter edited by John Buckingham has a value based investing approach. Hubert financial digest has ranked the prudent speculator number 1 over a 15  20 and 25 year period. The price 195.00 a year.

                                       Peter Leeds Penny Stocks

This newsletter focuses on stocks trading under 1 dollar up to 5 dollars. Peter Leeds is the author of penny stocks for dummies. All of the stocks that Peter Leeds recommends must pass a 29 point leeds analysis. The newsletter is one of the best known penny stock newsletters out their the cost is 200.00 for a yearly subscription


              Manhattan Calumet Value Stock Hotline

Now here is a interesting newsletter thats not been around for a long time about five years. The newsletter specializes in stocks trading between 1 dollar and 10. Sometimes they will focus on stocks trading just over 10 dollars. Once in a while the newsletter will recommend stocks trading below 1 dollar. The newsletter seems to take more of a value approach to their stock selection. Focusing on the higher quality universe of stocks trading between 1 dollar and 10. This newsletter is one of a few that take a long term buy and hold approach to stock investing. They offer a free trial subscription which lasts anywhere from 1 month to to 5 months. The price is under 100.00 dollars for a 16 month subscription. They also give away a really nice free gift for anyone that takes a free trial.    


                                                The Cheap Investor

This newsletters been around for a very long time. Bill Mathew is the editor. Bill started the newsletter back in 1981. Bill Mathews was  one of a few newsletters that covered stocks trading below 5 dollars back than.  Bill specializes in stocks up to around 3 dollars sometimes a little higher bill has a great track record for the category his stock newsletters is in. The cheap investor gives around 50 recommendation a year about 4 or 5 stocks a month with all the pump and dumpsters websites and unscrupulous stock promoters preying on unsuspecting investors on the net this is one newsletter that you can have confidence investing with. The cheap investor was ranked number 1 by select information exchange which regulatly monitors the performance of some 300 different investment newsletters. Its not cheap  The price of a paid subscription is 697.00 a year. They also include a free gift.


             Breakout Stocks under 10 dollars                                    
Hillary Kramer is one of the best stock analysts around she used to appear a lot on the nighty business report. Hillary has a great knack for picking stock winners shes one of the best in the business This newsletter focus is on stocks trading under 10 dollars that are not covered all that well on wall street under the radar as it were The newsletter is not cheap. The cost of a 1 year subscription is 795.00 dollars a year.


                           Hillary kramers Game changers

This is another one of Hillary Kramers Newsletters According To Hillary a game changer stock Is a company that rewrites the rules revolutionizing the way we live and thrive. Apple, which brought us the iPod, the iPhone and iPad, is one. So is Dendreon, The company that produced the first FDA approved prostate cancer vaccine. These types of business breakthroughs deliver handsome profits to those in the know. The cost of game changer stocks is only 99.00 for 1 year.


                                          The Oberweis Report

The Oberwise report pinpoints small companies in the very early stages of growth before they become household names Or are even noticed on wall street. Jim Oberwise is the editer of the newsletter The Oberwise report is ranked among the top 3 investment advisory newsletters for 15 year performance by hulbert financial digest. A subscription is 199.00 a year.


                                                   Blue Chip Growth

Louis Navellier is one of wall streets of renowned growth Investors. Louis Navellier has one of the best performance track records for a newsletter editor over the last 30 years. Blue chip growth has produced a total return of 118% over the last 11 years compared to just 41% for the standard and poors five hundred. The price of a 1 year subscription for first time subscribers  150.00

                                                     Emerging Growth

This is another one of Louis Navellier newsletters. Emerging Growth Newsletter has produced a return of 2,702% over the last 25 years Compared to the standard and poors five hundred return of 1,126 according to the hulbert financial digest. Emerging growth has a short term investment horizon the newsletter concentrates on smallcap and midcap growth stocks.  The price of a 1 year subscription is on the high side 995.00 .

                                          Motley Fool Inside Value

Motley fool Inside value was ranked as 1 of the 3 best performing newsletters over a five year period out of 200 newsletters monitored by hulbert financial digest in 2013 This newsletter edited by Joe magyar looks for really good value stocks and attempts to separate the value stocks from the value traps.Andy cross the firms chief investment officer wrote inside value  searches for great businesses at beaten up or misunderstood prices. Their fairly selective they do not give a ton of stock recommendation usually about 1 stock a month. They offer a 1 month free trial. The price of a subscription is 199.00 a year.

                                        Motley Fool Rule Breakers

Motley fool rule breakers was also ranked as 1 of the top 3 newsletters monitored by hulbert financial digest in 2013. This newsletter focuses on high growth stocks. Searches for the most innovative companies often early in their history that are in disrupting industries. They offer a 1 month free trial. The price of a 1 year subscription is 49.00 a year.


                                    Motley Fool Stock Advisors

Motley Fool Stock Advisor is also ranked as 1 of the top 3 investment newsletters over a 5 year period in 2013 by hulbert financial digest. The stocks profiled in the newsletter are the top picks of the best stock analysts at motley fool. They offer a 1 month free trial subscription.Ths cost of a subscription is 49.00 a year.

                           Forbes Special Situation Survey

Started by Malcolm Forbes in 1954. The editor of the newsletters is Taesik Yoon. The forbes special situation survey is one of the oldest continually published  Investment newletters on the market. Each month subscribers receive a 10 page research report recommending just 1 undervalued stock that analysts believe holds the potential for significant capital appreciation. According to hulbert financial digest  The special situation survey is ranked 1 out of  112 tracked for the 10 year period ended december 31 2012. The cost of a 1 year subscription is 295.00 They also give a free gift with the subscription.